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ndali vanilla
2 long Fairtrade certified, organic pods (160-200mm) in an aluminium tube:
rich and mature with notes of spice and butterscotch these premium bourbon-style beans have been carefully blanched, sweated and reheated in the tropical sunshine, then slowly fermented in wooden boxes over a period of months to develop their extraordinarily complex aroma
2 pods x 6 x 2 trays
2 long Fairtrade certified, organic pods (180mm) in an aluminium tube
ndali vanilla intense
2 long Fairtrade certified, organic pods in a glass test tube (160-200mm): exploded in rare vanillin crystals, these beans are the champagne and truffles of vanilla, their distinct fermented scent bursts into an intense full bodied vanilla aroma when used in cooking, with notes of musk, butterscotch and wine.

The well kept secret of vanilla curers, these bourbon-style beans have been ripening longer on the vine, until they split, to maximise their vanillin (vanilla flavour) and are likely to form vanillin crystals: a sign of extreme quality. The delicate crystals should be used in cooking together with the seeds and/or pod for the ultimate vanilla experience.
2 pods x 6 x 2 trays

2 long Fairtrade certified, organic pods in a glass test tube (160-200mm)
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ndali vanilla 6 powder
Six Fairtrade certified, organic vanilla pods milled to a fine powder in an aluminium can: Ndali's favourite way to use vanilla - the most versatile, pure way to use the pods, beloved by chocolatiers and artisanal ice cream makers, with notes of smokey dates, honey, musk and butterscotch, and bursting with vanilla seeds. This exquisite powder ensures the full flavour of the pod/bean ends up in your recipe, since so many flavour compounds are within the skin of the bean itself. Quicker and less hoohaa than using a whole pod.

Exceptional value for money (RRP £5.79): pot contains six teaspoons of powder equivalent to six vanilla pods. One teaspoon is equivalent to one extra strong vanilla pod. Use 1/4-1 teaspoon in any recipe requiring vanilla pods, extract or flavour.

Add to smoothies, custards, stewed fruit, drop scone and biscuit recipes; put a pinch in salt, sugar, whipped cream, dressings and sauces.

6 pods milled x 6 x 2 trays

Six pods of Fairtrade certified, organic vanilla powder in an aluminium can
ndali vanilla extract intense
100ml of Fairtrade certified vanilla extract in an aluminium flask: pure and unadulterated, blended from Ndali Fairtrade vanilla beans to be extra strong and sweet without the addition of sugar or glycerine. The intensely rich flavour is due in part to a generous proportion of high-vanillin beans. Ingredients: Fairtrade vanilla beans, alcohol (38% v/v) and water.
100ml flask x 6 x 2 trays

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ndali vanilla catering
Pouches of 12 and 50 fairly traded bourbon-style gourmet beans, average length 180mm, average bean weight 3.5g. 12 or 50 x 1, 12 or 50 x 50
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In the UK, ndali vanilla intense (RRP £4.99), ndali vanilla extract intense (RRP £5.99) and ndali vanilla 6 powder (RRP £5.79) are available from Waitrose and Amazon; ndali vanilla (RRP £4.80) is available from Tescos, Amazon and selected healthfood and delicatessen stores such as Whole Foods Market.

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